Equipment (AED Medical Devices) Data Entry

Cost Containment

AEDOmega, a "Private Labeled" ownership program:

Enter the following data: the CONTROL NUMBER a unique alpha-numeric name. The Property Number names the asset (usually you get the Property number from the finance department). Then the description, manufacturer, model, serial number, etc. At the bottom is a FLAG, you can put any two (2) characters in this field for your review in the database. The remainder of the fields are self explanatory. Some of the fields are short and this is because you can expand on the fields when using Omeganomcis. Try and use abbreviations.

This is a unique alpha-numeric character.
This is the generic name of the equipment: Automated External Defibrillator
Bldg 1 Rm 304
Organization Responsible
The NEXT DATE due for inspection
Employee Name or Code

NOTE: The data you enter here in the above fields can be used in Omeganomics. Or, you can use the data in your own company database. Like many users today the data in our forms go directly to Microsoft Excel.